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Introducing Lauburu Rapid Results, a COVID-19 test with five testing options offering immediate results, all from the comfort of your home, exclusively sold through Asteri Logistics.

Five different types of test kits

Lauburu Rapid Results offers five different types of kits, all with rapid results, from the comfort of your home.

  • Saliva-Based
  • Nasal Swab
  • Mucus
  • Urine
  • Breathalyzer

Immediate Results in Minutes

Why wait two days for a phone call when you can wait about ten minutes and have the results right in front of you? That's all it takes with this LauBuru Rapid Results test. Now waiting is no longer an issue.

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The ultimate reference of credibility. No need to worry about knock-offs, inaccuracies or inconsistencies. This test is the real deal, from your trusted brand.

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By the Numbers

Great Sensitivity

In medical diagnosis, test sensitivity is the ability of the test to correctly identify those with the disease (Positive Results).

Upwards of 95% Specificity

On the contrary, specificity is the ability of the test to correctly identify those without the disease (Negative Results).

Results in Minutes

LauBuru Rapid ResultsTM Test delivers complete test results in about ten minutes, making the test nearly instant.

It all adds up

What's in the Box?

How Does it Work?

  • Step 1 Swish the solution tube in your mouth
  • Step 2 & 3 Spit into the funnel cup, going into the tube
  • Step 4 Tear open the foil packet
  • Step 5 Drop 3 drops of saliva onto the casette
  • Step 6 3 drops of buffer solution
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